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Christoph Beier

Christoph Beier

Over 30 years of experience in DevOps, coding, telecommunications, platforms, and architecture.

Malte Fibian

Malte Fibian

20 years in the IT project business across both public and private sectors, with a focus on sales and project management.

Yoseph Eko

Yoseph Eko

25 years in web development, booking engines, project management, and eCommerce consulting for web-based assets.

Anang Muazam

Anang Muazam

Almost 30 years in sales and project accounts in the digital space, specializing in web assets.

Nicholas Pratama

Nicholas Pratama

8 years with us as a local successor to Christoph Beier, specializing in CTO, WebDev, coding, and platforms.


Our Extended
Team Structure


First Layer of Support

Surrounding our core team, we have a robust support system of 20 Full-Time Employees (FTEs) who directly collaborate with the individuals mentioned above, enhancing our project execution and innovation capabilities.

Second Layer of Talent Pool

Beyond the immediate circle, we maintain a dynamic network of over 80+ developers, designers, and specialists. This extensive pool of talent is tapped into as needed, allowing us to flexibly scale our workforce according to project demands and ensure we’re always equipped with the right expertise for the task at hand.

CMS, API, Middleware

CMS, API, Middleware

We use the same technologies as IBM, NASA, Walmart, and Trade Republic, all at a startup-friendly price.

Modern Coding​

Modern Coding​

We use the same technologies as Wikipedia, Instagram, Zoom, and Facebook, all at a startup-friendly price.​

Classic Coding​

Classic Coding​

We use the same technologies as LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber, Trello, PayPal, and eBay, all at a startup-friendly price.​

Simple CMS​

Simple CMS​

We use the same technologies as eBay, Sony, General Motors, and UPS, all at a startup-friendly price.​

Database & Cluster​

Database and Cluster​

We use the same technologies as Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, Square, and Shopee, all at a startup-friendly price.​

Secured or Isolated Databases/Applications​

Secured Isolated Databases/Applications​

We use the same technologies as Air Canada, Siemens, CTOS Data Systems, and US Signal, all at a startup-friendly price.​





Booking Engines

Digital Asset Operations

Global SaaS Platforms

B2B Transactions & Payment Operations

Hundreds of SME Websites & Shops

Large Hotel & Resort Groups

Luxury Hotel Chains

AI On-Premises & Offline

B2B Logistic Platforms

Real Estate Platforms




Mixed On-Call and Scope of Work

Scope of Work

Project Plan, may be mixed with Scope of Work and On-Call

Quality and Project Management Included

Western Quality Development

Prices of Southeast Asia

Speed Performance

Advantages of Staggered Development Work

No Issues with Vacations or Illness

Perfect-Fit Team of Developers for Every Project

The concept and realization by two unparalleled experts, who bring together a unique blend of IT proficiency, business development acumen, and strategic insights unmatched anywhere else.

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