We develop. We code. We Implement. We Consult.

Everything is developed in-house by our own teams.

Senior Project Management in German and English.
from Berlin and Bali.

Vertical Industries experience:

Commercial banks, insurance companies, pension funds, stock markets, trading exchanges, manufacturing industries, telecommunications, operators, hospitality, financial transactions companies, global 500 corps, governments, consultancy firms, media companies, health care

How We Work

Micro, small, and medium-sized contracts are the areas of business where we prefer to work. Major or public projects are only available upon request. We prefer subcontracting for certain project schemes.

When working with new clients for the first time, we prefer smaller projects since we want to get to know each other.

Startups or initiatives with a relatively small team of participants are examples of micro contracts. While smaller and mid-sized projects usually include a sub-project from an established company.

We commit to your freedom of action and guarantee an outstanding pricing range not just at the beginning but also throughout.

Business Analytics and Insights

Service-based business solutions.
It serves as a tool for interpreting data.
Up until the choice of relevant numbers for balance sheets.
This is a product with a service component.

Companies today understand the need of anticipating future developments in their field, be they new trends, tools, or technologies. They’re training employees and building systems to mine data for useful insights that will help them make money in the long run. There is a growing demand for people with data, analytics, and business acumen who can help their companies maximize return on investment (ROI), optimize and speed up operations, cut costs, design smarter products, and enhance the quality of their interactions with customers.

Over the past five years, we have been running a specialized platform for SMBs to analyze this information and digitally enhance operational procedures. In addition, our instruments may provide a monetary assessment of your websites and other similar data sources, giving you accurate figures and information.

Available as a Saas solution & product and as a service.

Website Development & Design

For nearly 20 years, we have been creating interactive and web-based online shops, professional websites, ordering and reservation websites. We have certainly created hundreds of websites of various sizes and specifications. However, it could be thousands. That was never counted. We rely on the current ecosystem of CMS and frameworks. For larger projects, Capex and Opex are more important, whereas for smaller projects, we prefer CMS systems that are simple to implement in the best interests of the customer.

Mobile App Development

Android and iOS.

We work with all current and relevant frameworks when developing. Typical projects include the mapping of end-to-end customer-focused business processes. These can be apps for laboratories or hospitals, for example, that make appointments, reports, and payments easier for both the company and the end user. Or customer loyalty programs in the hospitality industry for customer acquisition and retention.

Payment Gateway Development

Cuts costs and improves cash flow.
Simplify your accounting needs.
Minimizes risks.
Helps to avoid overhead.

Development and integration of payment gateways into platforms, online stores, booking systems, and APIs. Existing payment gateway integration in online stores, new platforms or frameworks, websites, online stores, and booking systems, for example. Front-end, back-end, middleware, and connector development for payment gateways. One-time payment, recurring payments, split payments, batch processing, payment and loan exchange platform. All in the relevant financial regulation of the relevant jurisdiction’s currencies. We run payment transaction processing firms to meet various currency requirements or to gain access to various currency regulations. SMBs can take advantage of low-cost approaches. Alternatively, dedicated compute platforms capable of integrating required business processes. Consider large-scale OTA requirements. There is also commission-based multi-currency split processing available.

Available as PaaS, SaaS and development service.

Booking Engine Development

Use cases include B2B or B2C payments with transactions involving multiple parties who are receiving payouts.
No matter what industry you are in.

We’ve been working in this field for over ten years. We created our own booking engine entirely in-house. We integrate existing booking engines on both the front and back ends. We distinguish ourselves by understanding the full range of needs and requirements in this industry and being able to implement them in development. It can be front end or back end, but it can also be API based.

You already have a booking engine, but it doesn't perform well?
We incorporate a conversions-optimized overlay.

API Development

API development, API middleware development, and connector development. Connect to a specialized booking engine, for example, so that your own branded front and back ends can be displayed on a dedicated branded website, while also ensuring complete control over funnels, cross and upselling, and other sales tools during the visitor journey and booking process.


Banking, Payments, Travel, Telecommunications, SMB, and more

Situation: When it comes to strategic planning, companies (new & old) often struggle with too much information, and too much to do in their daily jobs. While plotting strategy is critical to the longevity of an organization, it’s often deprioritized in lieu of today’s burning issues. As the process is often unguided & unstructured, “strategy planning” often feels difficult, complex and expensive.

Furthermore, as organizations pivot strategically today, they often entail transforming the business digitally. However, to digitally transform a business often entails transforming current payment processes. Without which, business transformations are often incomplete or sub-optimal. Or involves more consultants.

Solution: We are a small experienced team of organizational performance engineers, helping large & small organizations transform, innovate, and turn their operations around. Through our tested & structured approach, we help organizations understand their current state, determine root causes, and develop a forward plan that play to their strengths.

While most organizations own their strategy execution, others prefer an extra set of experienced hands to see the strategy through; which we can support on a needs basis.

With payments as an important element in an organization’s digital transformation journey, we lend our market knowledge & operational experience in optimizing current payment processes to support their pivot.

Available as a consulting service.
There are additional products and services available.

Development, coding, architecture, consulting, and outsourcing:

Our core competencies are ensured by German project management and quality control, which complements our significantly lower in-house production costs. We can rely on our developers’ expertise while also ensuring excellent work results. In addition to the aforementioned facts, we are distinguished by our ability to work with a wide range of cross-industry programming languages and our flexibility in resources, programming languages, and frameworks. All of this is complemented by expert architectural knowledge and consulting services.

Development Languages & Frameworks

Common languages:

  • JavaScript (ReactJS/React Native and NodeJs etc.)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP (Laravel, Codeigniter)
  • NextJS
  • VueJS
  • NodeJS
  • plus full Android landscape

Other languages:

  • Kotlin, Scala, Groovy, Java
  • Swift
  • Flutter
  • C/C++
  • Smalltalk
  • Pascal/Modula2 etc.
  • Lisp-dialects (Scheme, CL etc.)
  • Visual Basic (Access Basic etc.)
  • Dart
  • Ionic
  • Assembler
  • Python, Bash


  • MS-SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • DB2 (Native, none native)
  • MS-Access
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB


  • Structured programming
  • Functional Programming
  • CI/CD
  • Scrum
  • ITIL*
  • Kanban*
  • UX Dev (Backends & Frontends)

The Young Generation

It’s wonderful to see your own children follow in their parents’ footsteps, and are already beginning to inspire the next generation. A brilliant ICT Developer & Engineer career is to be expected.

The father of this LinkedIn post’s young talent is the German ICT manager for Celax-Europe in Bali.


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Competitive Advantage: We consider international developments and provide highly cost-effective conditions while upholding high standards.